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FA want to canel girls' football league for refusing male player

One of the biggest girls' football leagues in the country faces being shut down by the Football Association for refusing to allow a boy to play in its matches.

Health Tourism: NHS hospitals lost £180million in 5 years

Cash-strapped NHS hospitals have lost over £180million to 'health tourists' since a Government pledge to crackdown on the scandal.

French Coast Guard dropping migrants into British waters

Staggering footage posted on social media shows a French Coast Guard picking up a dinghy just two miles from France and dropping them into British water has been released.

COVID jabs linked to many serious health related issues

The Global Vaccine Data Network (GVDN) recently conducted a comprehensive evaluation of 13 neurological, blood, and heart-related medical conditions to determine if there is an increased risk following COVID-19 vaccination.

University of Bristol unveils new 'Reparative Futures' logo

The University of Bristol has ditched slave trader Edward Colston's emblem from its logo and has unveiled its new crest as part of its £10m 'Reparative Futures' programme.

Migrant Crisis: TWO THOUSAND have made journey in 2024

More than 2,000 small boat migrants have crossed the English Channel so far this year, after another 290 arrived in Dover on Sunday.

HO wants to ease court backlog by deporting more foreign crooks!

Ministers are trying to rapidly increase the number of foreign criminals being deported by avoiding lengthy court battles.

Police officer convicted of 13 rapes while serving in the Met

A Metropolitan Police officer and serial rapist who once told one of his victim's they'd 'met the devil' while he kidnapped her has been convicted of 13 counts of rape - six years after an investigation into previous attacks on a young girl were discontinued.

Tiny Cumbrian town told they must house 40 asylum seekers

A small and remote seaside town with a housing shortage has been told it must find accommodation for up to forty asylum seekers in a move which has enraged local residents.