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UK household debt to reach record high over £1,600

Families are at "breaking point" as household debt is set to rise by over £1,600 this year, according to a new report.

University to teach that whiteness and heterosexuality are a PROBLEM

The University of Liverpool has been panned as "divisive" after it emerged the institution told its lecturers to "problematise" whiteness and heterosexuality in their teaching as part of a drive to "diversify" and "decolonise" the curriculum.

Boat migrant milestone: More than 750 cross in small boats in ONE DAY

The Channel migrant crisis sank to a new low on Tuesday with a record number making the illegal crossing from France.

Five people injured after mass stabbing in French city

Five people have been injured - with two in critical condition - after a mass stabbing in the French city of Metz.

England fans en route Euro 2024 find asylum seekers in their camper van

A group of England fans making their way over land to Germany for Euro 2024 have opened up about the moment they found three asylum seekers hiding in their campervan in Calais.

Labour blasted for having just 87 words on farming in manifesto

Furious farmers have hit out at Labour for having just 87 words on agriculture in their 131-page manifesto.

'Green' renewable fuel plants are releasing MORE pollution than oil refineries

So-called 'green' fuel refineries have used loopholes in federal regulation to become massive polluters, according to a new report.

UK Christians suffering discrimination in every part of society

Christians across the UK are suffering harassment and discrimination in every part of society, according to a new report from Voice For Justice UK.

Teenage vape user loses part of her lung after collapsing

A 17-year-old vape addict had to have part of her lung removed by doctors after her e-cig habit left her on the brink of death, her "terrified" father has revealed.