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Rochdale Child Rapists Launch Another Appeal to Avoid Deportation

Two Muslim grooming gang rapists have launched another appeal against their removal from England, six years after they were supposed to be kicked out of the country.

12 times more people are dying from cancer than Covid

Twelve times as many people are now dying of cancer than from Covid-19.

Failed Asylum Seeker Who Murdered Woman Is Jailed

An Iraqi Kurd failed asylum seeker has been sentenced to at least 20 years in prison after being found guilty of murdering a woman, leaving her body to decompose in his flat for over a week as he dismembered and mutilated her remains before disposing of her.

The Great Reset: Now Prince William urges us to ‘change trajectory’

In a soundbite that proves he is just like his father, Prince William has called on the world to "change trajectory" and "fundamentally reset" its approach to the environment to avoid a climate disaster - while using the current key word 'reset!

Child Trials of AstraZeneca Vaccine Suspended

A children’s trial of the AstraZeneca coronavirus vaccine has been halted by the University of Oxford amid concerns that the jab may cause blood clotting in adults.

National Trust asking children to 'condemn Britain's history'

National Trust bosses have been accused of encouraging children to write poems denigrating Britain's history after primary school pupils had been shown around country houses and then invited to write verses about the former owners’ connections to the British Empire.

The poetry formed part of the trust’s Colonial Countryside project highlighting ties between country homes and imperialism.

Rochdale gang ringleader seen shopping - 6 years after supposed deportation

The convicted ringleader of a Rochdale grooming gang is walking freely around the very town where he abused young girls - six years after he was told he would be deported.

Nurseries to teach toddlers about 'white privilege'

Nursery teachers should be telling toddlers about 'white privilege' so they can learn to 'develop anti-racist views', according to teaching unions. 

The true meaning of Easter

The meaning of Easter is Jesus Christ's victory over death. His resurrection symbolizes the eternal life that is granted to all who believe in Him.