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This Day in History - 14th October

1066 The Battle of Hastings was fought, on Senlac Hill, near Pevensey. An English army, commanded by King Harold, was defeated by the invasion force of William of Normandy. Harold was killed and Edgar the Ætheling was proclaimed king, but never crowned. William I 'The Conqueror' and the first Norman King of England, was subsequently crowned at Westminster Abbey on 25th December 1066.

London’s Cocaine Problem Bigger than Amsterdam

According to an analysis by King’s College London, our Capital has a cocaine problem bigger than that of Europe’s next three largest cocaine-consuming cities combined.

Legislation to protect Veterans discarded from Queen’s Speech

Reports are emerging from a former head of the Army that legislation promised by Boris Johnson to protect military veterans from prosecution has been discarded from the Queen’s Speech and will be replaced with a favour of laws on ‘sustainable cat litter’.

This Day in History - 13th October

1399 Henry IV (the first King of the House of Lancaster) was crowned king of England.

Robin's October Update Video

The simple reality is that after ALL the insanity we have witnessed over the last few weeks, the only real course may still be this legal challenge.

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Being English today is becoming more and more difficult as anyone who voices pride in our flag, patron saint, history or even sport is immediately classed as a ‘Racist’ or some kind extremist! Well I am bloody sick of it!!

Eurocrat Verhofstadt Calls Brexiteers ‘Traitors’

Guy Verhofstadt, chief Europhile and MEP, has accused Prime Minister Boris Johnson and fellow Tory Brexiteers of being the “real traitors”.