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Catherine Blaiklock

Catherine Blaiklock

Catherine Blaiklock - Prospective Parliamentary Candidate for Great Yarmouth

‘We lost our homeland for fear of being called a racist.’


I have asked many voters:  

‘How many legal immigrants do you think came to the UK last year?’

The average answer is 100,000 to 300,000 people.


The actual number is over 1,000,000 new residents in a single year.  


Over the last two years, 2.7 million  people came to live in the UK and these do not include visa overstayers or people arriving in cars, trucks or boats illegally.


This is from the government’s own website:


‘There were 3,287,404 visas granted in the year ending June 2023, 58% higher than the year ending June 2022.’  


All the focus has been on 50,000  illegals coming across the channel annually but the really terrifying numbers are those that come here legally. Visas issued went up 58% in a single year under a Conservative government that said for fourteen years - it would reduce immigration to the tens of thousand. (May and Cameron). They lied and lied and lied. Labour will be no better - they just see immigrants as votes to get power and retain it forever.


No one should be surprised when 20 million new people come to the UK that millions of working people cannot afford to buy or now even rent a house, cannot get a hospital bed or a doctor’s appointment. That we have choked roads, bursting public transport, two year waits in the courts and collapsing public administration. No wonder millions cannot be bothered working - they have given up hope.


Why do people think that we suddenly have sewerage overflowing everywhere?  Too many poops a day!


Why do the civil service not want to publish crime figures by nationality? 

You can guess.


Sewerage and food surveys do not lie - they believe that there are already over 90 million people living in the UK.

All our big current problems stem from these biblical waves of people. I will focus and my campaign solely on stopping mass immigration.


Vote to stop this. Take the risk. You now have nothing to lose.