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Judge Says Belief That ‘Men Cannot Change Into Women’ Is ‘Not Worthy of Respect In a Democratic Society’


A judge in an employment tribunal has ruled that there is no right to question whether a transgender person is a man or a woman.

Maya Forstater, a former tax expert, who was fired from her job at the Centre for Global Development after tweeting that “men cannot change into women“, lost her legal challenge against her firing.

The ruling found that the Equality Act 2010 did not protect Ms Forstater’s right to express the philosophical belief that there are only two genders and therefore her firing was legal, reports The Telegraph.

In his ruling, employment Judge Taylor said that Ms Forstater’s gender-critical position “is incompatible with human dignity and fundamental rights of others”.

Judge Taylor argued that the legal rights of a transgender person override Ms Forstater’s right to express her opinions, saying that she was responsible for “enormous pain that can be caused by misgendering a person”.

Jodie Ginsberg of Index on Censorship wrote that she was “deeply worried” about the ruling and its implications “for free speech — and in particular the potential it gives for ever greater policing of an individual’s personal views and opinions by employers”.

At the time of Ms Forstater’s firing, Ginsberg said: “From what I have read of her writing, I cannot see that Maya has done anything wrong other than express an opinion that many feminists share — that there should be a public and open debate about the distinction between sex and gender.”

Funny how men are hated for simply being men, but if men claim to be women, they are the liberals' darlings.