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The English Democrats Autumn Conference 2023

The English Democrats Autumn Conference will be held near Nottingham on October 7th 2023.

We will get in the mood with a  'Black Tie' dinner on Friday October 6th and we are pleased that Lembit Opik will speak after dinner. As a former LibDem Politician (now politically  Independent) who served as a MEP this is not something you will want to miss.

Conference starts on Saturday with Robin Tilbrook, the Party Chairman, and his State of the Party and follows with discussions around Elections, campaigns etc. If you are new to the Party this will be a good chance to ask questions and find out more about the Party.

Following a buffet lunch, where you will have an opportunity to discuss matters over a hot buffet lunch  with those attending,  the afternoon features some key speeches.

Godfrey Bloom will share with us his thoughts on the current situation, as he sees it, of the state of English politics. Godfrey will be followed by speakers with presentations on: Net Zero; Immigration and the destruction of England;  Peace in Ukraine; Critical Race Theory and how to combat its effects and much more. 

These presentations are meant to engage with people and encourage them to explore topics that they may not be fully aware of or only aware of the soundbite.

Conference finishes with singing Jerusalem and tea.

Later in the evening we meet again for the Conference Dinner.

We have kept prices down this year. We want to see as many people at Conference as possible. Public transport is close by and the venue is centrally located in the heart of England. 


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