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Barnsley North

Janus Polenceusz

Janus Polenceusz - English Democrats Parliamentary Candidate for Barnsley North

Dear Barnsley North Voter,

My name is Janus and I am your Parliamentary candidate for the English Democrats Party in this year’s general election.  My party is England’s equivalent to Plaid Cymru and the Scottish National Party.

What I Will Do on Local Issues

Drug crime is a very serious issue in Barnsley and in many other parts of our country.  It is a sad situation when one gets so hooked on drugs that they turn to burglary and theft to gain money to support their addiction.  However, the worst criminals are the dealers who push drugs onto addicts to make money out of their misery.  The dealers turn victims into criminals. It is not nice for people having to walk through neighbourhoods, inhaling the second-hand smell of narcotics. One of the ways around this situation is to get all drug dependant users registered and they can then continue with their dependency at a centre instead of having to buy drugs on the black market. These specialists’ centres can be licenced to supply illegal drugs, to gradually wean drugs users off drugs.  It would be cost effective in saving thousands in the long run through crime reduction and cuts in the use of the NHS due to drug related conditions. This will also be a way to stop the black-market trade in drugs. Since drug and alcohol dependency is a huge issue, linked with mental health issues, I would campaign to put more funding into charities such as Recovery Steps and Human Kind so they can set up more centres throughout Barnsley and get the resources to help people with issues such as unemployment.  Drugs and alcohol often cause homelessness and unemployment or these two issues are the things that drive people to substance abuse and also leads to mental breakdowns so it is a vicious circle that has to be tackled as a big knock-on effect problem. People have the right to be treated as one of the priority groups for social housing in the boroughs of their birth, upbringing or have close family links, even if they were out of the area for a while because being settled in a familiar area, near family improves mental wellbeing. This will be one of my key policies.

We can all agree that our South Yorkshire bus services are really poor and it is ridiculous that in the evenings some buses are scheduled every two hours and the last buses for some areas are before 7pm, especially at the weekend. It must be a nightmare for people to get home, including people that have to visit relatives and workers that must travel in the evenings and at weekends. These cuts are not only affecting commuters but bus drivers too, due to reduced wages, when the cost of living is going up. This has to stop as it is bad for the economy of Barnsley and South Yorkshire. It causes businesses to shut early so they lose money and people lose the availability of getting access to evening services.

What I Will Do on National Issues – An English Parliament

The main policy of the English Democrats is to call for a referendum on establishing a parliament for England. Since devolution of the UK in 1997, there has been a pressure group called ‘The Campaign for an English Parliament’ who are still going in promoting the cause. We, the English Democrats are the only political party that mirrors this cause. A separate parliament for England would help focus on local English issues, which could bring issues in Barnsley directly to an established English parliament.  We can see how Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland have benefitted from having their own assemblies and parliaments.  These other areas of the UK get free higher education, free prescriptions, free travel at 60 and get their state pension at 60, only England does not. Having an English parliament away from Westminster means that it could be anywhere in England. I would vote to have it somewhere in Yorkshire.  Since the establishment of separate assemblies and parliaments, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland, all have a separate independent voice to protect their individual interests but we are dictated to by the voices of the United Kingdom without having a separate voice too.  The Labour Party campaigns for devolution within England instead of for England. This means breaking England up into meaningless regional states. Therefore, more taxpayer’s money would go into running several pointless made-up regional governments such as the London Assembly.  The Yorkshire Party are fooling people by its name and because of this people vote for them not realising that their objective is just the same as the Labour Party, to break Yorkshire from England.  The English Democrats believe that Yorkshire is a county that belongs to England. When we get an English parliament, then there can be a Yorkshire forum or lobbying committee within the English parliament to debate all things concerning Yorkshire. People seem to forget that in 2004 the North East of England had a referendum on regional devolution, which was called by the Labour government and the people of the North East rightly voted against it. Now Labour and the Yorkshire Party are trying to repeat this kind of referendum for Yorkshire. This would be madness! What is even worse is that the Yorkshire Party want Yorkshire to qualify having an independent national football team for the Euros and the World Cup.  This says it all about the Yorkshire Party.

The EU and the NHS

During the Brexit and Remain campaigns, we were promised that when we came out of the EU, we would have a lot more money that we sent to the EU, kept to enrich our NHS but we now see that the NHS is just the same as it was before.  As your MP, I would push this matter in the House of Commons and everywhere else. Due to the calls for devolution for independence by Scotland and Wales and the issue of Brexit, people are concerned about borders and businesses. A lot of people campaign to return to the EU. I would only agree to a referendum to rejoin the EU if we are rejoining as four individual countries and rejoining separately with each having their own national referendum NOT as the United Kingdom.

A Nation of Animal Lovers

It is terrible if your pet gets ill, injured or dies. If this happens, during your time of worry and grief, you have to cough up a lot of money (even at a discounted rate if you are on benefits) to get your pet treated at a vet. As I mentioned before, the Brexit campaign promised us more money going into the NHS. Therefore, there should be enough money to set up an NHS style service for all of our pets. Why can’t we have the RSPCA service included in our 999 service? As our national religion is the Church of England and we are a nation of animal lovers we should ban all Halal and Kosher slaughter houses in this country. These communities and businesses who wish to serve such meat can purchase them as imports.  The bonus side of this is that we will be creating trade with countries that we may not have traded with before.


No matter whether your views are conservative or communist, it is time we all get together as England united.

Thank you for reading,


Janus Polenceusz

Prepared by the Candidate for and on behalf of himself of Quires Green, CM5 0QP