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Woke council spends taxpayer money re-painting zebra crossings

A rainbow zebra crossing in Blackpool has been blasted an "eyesore" as residents brand the new road makeover a "waste of money".

Nike MODIFY cross of St George

Nike have unveiled a new Three Lions kit ahead of the European Championships this summer, but one detail will leave you speechless. 

Up to 20,000 prostate cancer diagnoses missed during covid era

Up to 20,000 diagnoses of prostate cancer could have been missed during the pandemic, research suggests.

Home Office slashes plans to house 2,000 asylum seekers in airbase

A plan to house thousands of migrants at Britain’s most iconic airbase is to be drastically reduced after a year of campaigning, according to a local MP.

Fish and chip shop ordered to remove Union flag mural

An award-winning fish and chip shop has been ordered to remove a Union flag mural by council officials over claims it is 'inappropriate for the area'.

European Central Bank Unveils Plans for ‘Digital Euro’

The European Central Bank outlined its plans for the introduction of a “digital euro” Central Bank Digital Currency (CBDC) on Wednesday, which is projected to be implemented throughout the EU as soon as next year.

Petrol and diesel drivers could face new emissions laws

The European Parliament has agreed to adopt measures in a bid to reduce road transport emissions which could soon be rolled out in the UK.

B'ham: Half a million drivers ignore daily charges and fines

More than half a million fines handed out to drivers for breaching the Clean Air Zone in Birmingham have not been paid as motorists refuse to pay the charges.

Elderly patients are being 'treated like animals' on NHS wards

Hospitals are treating the elderly 'like animals', according to a shock investigation.