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Boston and Skegness

David Dickason

David Dickason - Parliamentary Candidate for Boston and Skegness

I pledge that if elected I will create a scrutiny panel of volunteers from across the constituency to hold me to account as a Member of Parliament.


The panel will consist of a wide representation ,residents, farmers and other businesses etc.

I will probably be the only candidate in the country taking democracy to the next level, truly representing those who vote for me.


Candidates whilst canvassing promise anything to secure votes then generally when elected follow direction from their party, which is often not in the best interests of those who elected them.


Our towns are in a spiral of decline looking more like a different country every day I will fight against this to ensure these areas are recognisable as part of England.


Power lines and pylons are currently an issue where it appears that the government have signed off huge pylons to be sited across the Lincolnshire countryside.

These should be underground cables and not the cheapest option which is detrimental to Lincolnshire.


Skegness has been rated poor as a seaside town, this needs to be improved before it declines as a family holiday destination.


I support the farmers and will fight for a fair deal for them.

I will not support the taking of our prime agricultural land and filling it with fields of solar panels , or building on it.

This land is vital to provide food for the population.


About the candidate.

I am a retired senior police officer who relocated to Lincolnshire seven years ago.


Following retirement from the police I was the director of a homeless charity for five years.


I am currently the Chairman of a National Charity which provides grants for conservation projects worldwide , The Parrot Society U.K.


I am an animal lover and have a keen interest in the countryside.


I live in the Boston and Skegness constituency , I am not a candidate parachuted in with a media circus hoping to achieve success with promises that keep changing to suit the votes.


I do not own or run businesses, all my time will be devoted to the constituency.


I can pledge that I will not be taking any money from any companies or industries for votes or lobbying .


I can pledge that all my votes will be in the interests and wishes of the majority of the constituents of Boston and Skegness and not as directed by a political party with outside influence pulling the strings.


I am not in favour of rushing into any measures which will have an adverse affect on constituents lives to achieve the impossible, Net zero.


It is very important to me that we fight to preserve our culture and traditions, these are being deliberately eroded by those who want to force multiculturalism upon us and destroy England .


Please consider voting for a candidate who actually cares about Lincolnshire and England.


Prepared by the Candidate for and on behalf of himself of Quires Green CM5 0QP