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Bradford South

Thérèse Hirst

Therese Hirst - English Democrats Parliamentary Candidate for Bradford South

Dear Voter,

The Tory government and the mainstream media want you to believe that we live in a democracy, that on 4th July you will have a choice between whom you would like to elect to No10 Downing Street – the choice being between re-electing the failed Tory government, or that of choosing a Labour one. It is fake.  In essence this is merely a passing of the baton.  “We’ve had 14 years, now it’s your turn!”

But what of the Reform Party and the Farage factor now that he has thrown his hat into the ring?  There appears to be little appetite for his firebrand, divisive politics amongst the electorate with a recent YouGov Poll showing that only 27% would like to see him elected to Westminster.

That said, the fact that Reform party are only a few points behind the Tories in the polls will be Rishi Sunak’s worst nightmare. Signalling what might be the biggest collapse of support for the party since at least that of 1997 when Tony Blair was swept to power.

So, for now at least, we’re left with the two main parties - Tweedledee and Tweedledum.

On close examination of their policies there is little to separate the two parties on the issues that really matter to the people of this country – war, mass uncontrolled immigration, border security, cost of living, energy costs, housing, education, and NHS England.

Yet, it is apparent for anyone over a certain age, that these two parties between them have been instrumental in destroying this country over decades.  Make no mistake - none of it has happened by chance.  And now they want us to conveniently forget the roles that they both played during one of the most catastrophic periods in our history -lockdown, vaccine roll-out, and the proxy war with Russia.

And, of grave concern, if the rumours are true, we are already at war with Russia, and Sunak seeing the writing on the wall allegedly does not want to be a war-time prime minister. Hence the real reason for the snap election. The converse, however, is true of Sir Keir Starmer who is a member of the Trilateral Commission, the Fabian Society and Bilderberger group and who would have little reservation in joining in with NATO’s insane plans for a wider conflagration.

Those that have been poking the bear for decades salivate at the thought of war with Russia. No longer content with their proxy war – they hanker for escalation and direct conflict. They have no regard for the hundreds of thousands of fallen, caught up in the ‘meat-grinder’ of Eastern Ukraine and shout “War, war!”, not “Jaw! Jaw!” 

So, if nothing else can convince you to vote for real change, perhaps at least pause awhile - listen to the growing drum beats of war - and send a clear message that we will not let our sons and daughters be next in line for the slaughter in their forever wars. Tell them in no uncertain terms that “We will not comply!” and vote for the only party that has England at its heart.


Thérèse Hirst

Prepared by the Candidate for and on behalf of herself of Quires Green CM5 0QP