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Dunstable and Leighton Buzzard

Antonio Vitiello

Antonio Vitiello - Prospective Parliamentary Candidate for Dunstable and Leighton Buzzard 

I have lived in Leighton Buzzard since 2013 and previously worked at Central Bedfordshire College in Dunstable.  I activity campaigned for Brexit.


Having studied law at the University of Westminster I strongly believe that during the Covid pandemic, the Conservatives abused there position by eroding the rights and civil liberties of normal people whilst openly flouting their own rules.  This shows the level of contempt they have for the public.


I have also volunteered for Citizen’s Advice, from which I am aware of the problems with the social security system and overstretch foodbanks.


As a traditional Catholic, I reject the profane novelties which have plagued modern society since the 1960’s.  Thereby I absolutely oppose abortion and euthanasia.


In my view it was a mistake for the UK to get involved in the war between Russia and Ukraine.  Our military resources would have been better used peacekeeping in the Holy Land.

Prepared by the Candidate for and on behalf of himself of Quires Green CM5 0QP