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East Grinstead and Uckfield

William Highton

William Highton - Parliamentary Candidate for East Grinstead and Uckfield 

My beliefs have been formed over many decades and have resulted from a Christian upbringing with a childhood spent in Wadhurst in the same beautiful English countryside near the East Grinstead and Uckfield area that I wish to represent in parliament. This has been augmented by an adult life which has been spent both in the UK and several different countries across the world, including 5 years in a Muslim country. This has given me a rich experience in life and a realistic perspective on what can be achieved in a country and what is worth fighting for.

The English Democrats policy is to leave each candidate free to campaign and vote on the issues that they believe in as an individual. This means that there is no party whip and we can vote in a truly democratic manner. This will give me the freedom to vote in parliament for what is morally and logically right, not what I am told to do like in the major parties.

I have been an electronics engineer for more than five decades and have the same logical approach to life as is required for engineering. I am persistent in my pursuit of satisfactory engineering solutions and ready to apply this dogged logical approach to politics which is currently a hairy fairy process ill thought out by weird people with extreme views and questionable intellect.

I am married and have grown up children some of whom live in the East Grinstead and Uckfield area so when I vote for the good of the constituency and the country, I am also voting for the good of my children.

Aims for Planning and Environment

  1. To stop all residential building on Green Belt land. We do not have a housing crisis; we have an immigration crisis.
  2. To demolish excess residential buildings and build small industrial units and offices within walking distance of residential areas thereby reducing the need for cars.
  3. That all new industrial unit applications will be required to have suitable thermal insulation and some form of solar energy installed.
  4. That virtually no more huge supermarkets are built.
  5. That existing empty small shops in high streets will be used for other public facility purposes such as veterinary surgeries, dentists, small offices etc

Aims for Immigration

  1. That virtually all of immigration shall be immediately halted and that only spouses of indigenous third or more generation British Citizens shall be allowed into the country.
  2. All jail terms of more than a year by any immigrant shall be followed by the deportation of the offendant and their financial dependents.
  3. That all immigrants who have not worked for more than a year and do not have a sound reason for this shall be deported together with their dependents.
  4. To give fair warning to all immigrants that they will be deported if they break our laws and that future policy will be towards the removal of all undesirable immigrants.


Aims for Education

  1. To overhaul the National Curriculum system which has been used to dumb down education, remove valid religious education and generally replace useful education with behaviour programming.
  2. That colleges shall return to traditional education subjects in order to produce students suitably educated for local businesses. With an end to the useless ‘flower arranging’ type courses offered that have no value.
  3. That education should be arranged such that the best and brightest get an appropriate standard of education and that the attitude of trying to make all students equal is ended.
  4. A return to teaching girls relevant subjects and boys their relevant subjects without the nonsense of trying to turn girls into boys and boys into girls.

Aims for Industry and our Economy

  1. That defence and government contracts shall be kept within the UK and positive steps are taken to restore the aerospace industry which has been deliberately destroyed by successive governments policies.
  2. A big return to the apprenticeship schemes that produced suitably trained workers. This to include more Technical Colleges like those that were so successful in the past.
  3. All companies to be encouraged to use a ‘Made in England’ marking.
  4. To make financing and grants available to start-up companies in order to kick start new high-tech companies.

Aims for our Law

  1. There shall be an end to political two-tier policing that criminalises the indigenous English while allowing immigrants to run rampant.

2 That the law that allows peaceful demonstrators to be imprisoned for simply demonstrating to be immediately repealed. This draconian law has no place in a true democracy.

  1. That the laws for illegal drugs are properly enforced on all drug criminals including immigrants.
  2. That the police should focus on ensuring that everybody in the UK behaves within the law not on what people say or publish in the media.
  3. That rape of our young girls by immigrant gangs shall responded to by prison sentences and should automatically invoke a following deportation.

Aims for Health and Social Care

  1. There are now many drug victims who are suffering from mental illness and we need new research and care facilities in order to return them to normal life. The present method of a lifetime of taking prescription drugs might be profitable for the pharmaceutical companies but it is not suitable for a normal life.
  2. An immediate halt to the “Covid Vaccine” including in care homes and the elderly.
  3. Re-open the military mental homes for ex-service men and ensure that all ex-service men with PTSD are housed and treated.
  4. A different approach given to our pubs which are essential to a large proportion of our population to maintain social interaction and hence their mental health. At the very least VAT should not be paid by public houses in an effort to make them more financially viable.
  5. Appropriate payment for dentists working under the National Health Service in order to prevent all dentistry becoming private.

Aims for Transport

  1. To reduce the need for travel by ensuring that local areas have the shopping, recreational and employment facilities within a reasonable distance.
  2. To subsidise public transport so that more services can be provided.
  3. To provide bus shelters at all bus stops. Comfortable waiting rooms at train stations with refreshment facilities and toilets.


Prepared by the Candidate for and on behalf of himself of Quires Green CM5 0QP