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Ecology and Environment

2.10 Ecology and the Environment

2.10.1 The English Democrats believe that the resources of land and sea should be used in a way which gives due consideration to the long-term consequences. Each generation holds the environment in trust for future generations. We should not leave them to bear the cost of our selfish and short-sighted behaviour. Guiding principles

2.10.3 Zero-pollution hydrogen fuel-cell power-packs are available, sized to power vehicles through to large buildings and entire localities. We support programmes to develop a hydrogen supply infrastructure, with particular focus on hydrogen originally created using renewable energy. We support the establishment of English pilot towns that will generate their own power using hydrogen fuel cells. We call for the scheme to be rolled out across England upon successful completion of the pilot trials.

2.10.4 Greater use of renewable resources and the more efficient use of energy. This should include encouragement for Green industries, especially energy generation, and the construction of energy efficient buildings.

2.10.5 Laws to prevent and deter pollution. The polluter should be made to pay.

2.10.6 Controls on noise pollution from roads, airports, domestic, and other sources.

2.10.7 All major planning decisions should be subject to an efficient and speedy system of public enquiry with the final decision being made by an English Parliament.

2.10.8 The English Democrats promote much tighter restrictions on green-field development and a better use of brown-field sites.

2.10.9 The English Democrats encourage the use of local building materials and designs throughout England. Greater consideration should be given to aesthetics. Our towns and cities have for many years been plagued with ugly buildings and uninspired uniformity of design. The fault for this often lies not with architects or planners but with those who determine the allocation of funds. Too often the overriding consideration for new buildings and development projects is cost. Modern architectural designs and building techniques could, in the proper place, greatly improve our environment.

2.10.10 Improvement in building standards, e.g. better sound insulation and larger minimum room sizes.

2.10.11 The English Democrats will initiate greater local control of planning and other environmental issues.

2.10.12 The English Democrat will promote viable village communities with affordable accommodation for the young.

2.10.13 Animal experimentation is to be sanctioned only in connection with human health and where no practicable alternative exists.