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English NHS

2.4 Health

2.4.1 We are committed to making the National Health Service an efficient organisation which provides a high quality service for all citizens.
2.4.2 The need for improvement is such that it may be necessary to adopt a simplified approach to structure and management.
2.4.3 The priority given to a patient’s treatment should be based on medical need, not artificial management targets. Bearing this in mind, we would create a N.H.S. Inspectorate on a similar basis to the very successful schools Inspectorate. Its purpose would be to raise standards of service, ensure equal quality of healthcare throughout England, and check malpractice in both the NHS and the private healthcare sector.
2.4.4 Care in the Community as a policy has manifestly failed, not only to protect the public, but also to protect the mentally ill, partly through inadequate funding. English Democrats policy is that as long as it is considered that an individual poses a significant risk either to themselves or to the public, they should remain in secure care.
2.4.5 NHS services must not be made freely available to non-nationals.
2.4.6 All those entering the UK must have valid health insurance covering their stay. Those seeking residency must provide proof of passing full health checks by an accredited clinic or doctor for HIV, Tuberculosis, Leprosy, Hepatitis and other diseases if such are prevalent in their home country.
2.4.7 Entrance into the UK will not be permitted for those who have contagious or debilitating illnesses which could threaten public health, compromise their private health insurance, or are likely to place an unacceptable burden on the NHS.