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Shrewsbury and Atcham CC

Chris Bovill

Christopher Bovill - English Democrat Parliamentary Candidate for Shrewsbury and Atcham

I grew up on the South Shropshire Hills, the son of a farmer. My Mother was a Sparrow with deep historic roots in the Shrewsbury area.

I manage a property business with interests in Shrewsbury & West London.

I have seen first hand how the country is changing and in London I feel l feel a stranger in my own land. In 2000 to 2003 I campaigned to save the £.

I am Father to 3 children. I oppose conscription and deployment abroad of our armed forces when we need them here to maintain order.

Both my Grandfathers fought with honour for in World War 1, and my father in WW2. We need to negotiate peace not relive the horrors of past wars, destroying the lives and mental health of another generation.

Prepared by the Candidate for and on behalf of himself of Quires Green CM5 0QP