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Schooling: 13 year olds to learn about sexual acts using dice game


A new government-funded sex-ed toolkit is encouraging schools to get children as young as 13 to discuss explicit sexual acts based on the roll of a dice.

The resource includes a game where children roll a dice featuring body parts such as 'penis' and 'hand and fingers' twice and are then encouraged to discuss the potential sexual acts carried out between them.

The toolkit, produced by the LGBT+ charity the Proud Trust, itself tells teachers to hold their nerve because some of the combinations 'might seem impossible' for children to talk about.

The sex-ed toolkit was launched with funding from the Tampon Tax Fund through the Office for Civil Society. 

The Proud Trust was awarded £99,960 in 2017 for their Sexualty aGender project and this latest 'v2' toolkit has been developed using some of these funds. 

The trust says that the four-lesson plan inside the kit helps meet statutory requirements to deliver LGBT+ inclusive RSE and that it helps meet the needs of all students.

This 'resource' clearly breaches safeguarding. The tampon tax should be used to educate girls on their rights — not prematurely sexualise them.