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Army sees numbers fall in for 9th Year in a row

The British Army, once the terror of the seas, has a recruitment problem. It has now seen a fall in size and strength for the ninth consecutive year, according to the Ministry of Defence.


This Day in History - 22nd August

1138 The English defeated the Scots at Cowton Moor. Banners of various saints were carried into battle, which led to its being called the Battle of the Standard.

Hannan blasts Corbyn’ after ‘another Brexit U-turn’

Conservative MEP Daniel Hannan  has blasted Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn for his sudden support for a deal after he rejected Theresa May’s deal three times and voted to trigger Article 50.


Social worker stabbed to death 'during visit'

Belinda Rose, 63, who was stabbed to death in Birmingham this weekend was a social worker out on a visit to a home, neighbours have said.

This Day in History - 21st August

1689 The Battle of Dunkeld took place, between Jacobite clans supporting the deposed King James VII of Scotland and a government regiment of covenanters, led by the 27 year old Colonel William Cleland supporting William of Orange, King of Scotland. Fighting took place in the streets around Dunkeld Cathedral and the Jacobites were routed, having lost around 300 men. Losses on the government side are unclear, but they included Colonel Cleland, who is buried in the cathedral.


Jo Swinson slams Corbyn as a 'Brexiteer’

New Lib Dems leader Jo Swinson pulled no punches saying on Twitter that “Jeremy Corbyn didn’t fight to remain in 2016, and he won’t fight for remain now. He wants to deliver a Labour Brexit because he is a Brexiteer.” 

English Police Issued with Tasers Amid Rising Violence

Following the murder of a police officer by criminals and among a sharp rise in violence against officers overall, an English police force is to become the first in the country to issue every officer with electric stun-guns known as Tasers.


Our 2nd Article 50 case

2nd Article 50 case

This Day in History - 20th August

1912 The death of William Booth, British founder of the Salvation Army. Early-day Salvationists started wearing uniform as a natural consequence of the 'army' adopting a military character.