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Cost of living crisis: Rishi Sunak makes the Sunday Times Rich List!

Rishi Sunak has become the first major politician to make it onto the Sunday Times Rich List.

Mr Sunak, along with his wife Akshata Murty, entered the rich list for the first time with their joint £730million fortune as Russian billionaires tumbled down this year’s rankings.

Non-EU migrant visas reach record high

The number of visas issued to migrants from outside of the EU reached a record in 2021 as the first year of the UK's post-Brexit rules led to a more liberal immigration system, the Times has revealed.

Home Office figures show that 843,538 non-EU migrants were granted visas to live, work and study in Britain last year. The number stood at just over 450,000 in 2020.

Latest victim of woke culture: University cancels SONNETS!

University chiefs have sidelined sonnets from a creative writing course over concerns they are ‘products of white Western culture’.

Revolting, illegal chicken factory ignored order to close immediately

A CHICKEN factory which supplies takeaways and restaurants ignored an order to shut down after health inspectors found filthy conditions.

Total number of migrant crossing this year climbs above 8,000 

Over 8,000 people have arrived in the UK so far this year having crossed the English Channel in small boats following the latest arrivals this weekend.

National Trust boss denies that the organisation has become 'woke'

The boss of the National Trust has denied that the organisation has become ‘woke’ and said she has received death threats.

Woke-Culture comes for NURSERY RHYMES!

In the latest "you couldn't make it up" woke news: Traditional nursery rhymes such as Ba Ba Black Sheep and This Little Piggy have been rewritten to be more vegan friendly.

WEF Pushes Cashless Society Central Bank Digital Currencies

The globalist architects of the Great Reset at the World Economic Forum have thrown their weight behind the concept of Central Bank Digital Currencies, claiming that state-controlled cryptocurrencies will “revolutionize” the future of finance.

Abu Hamza's son ordered to pay back just £5,200 from money laundering plot

The eldest son of hook-handed hate cleric Abu Hamza has been ordered to pay back just £5,200 despite making nearly £180,000 from a money laundering plot.