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16 of 25 Knife Crime Hot Spots are in London


An analysis by the BBC has revealed that London has 16 of the top 25 knife crime hot spots in England and Wales.

The data from 34 of the 43 police forces include crimes of assault, robbery, sexual offences, the threat to kill, attempted murder, or murder committed with a blade.

The report comes as the capital looks set to see the murder rate surpass that of last year, which was already a decade-high level.

Analysis in May by the London Assembly’s Conservatives claimed since Labour’s Sadiq Khan became mayor in 2016, the city has seen knife crime rise by 52 per cent. 

Mayor Khan has come under criticism for diverting funds on non-essential services, including spending £1.7 million on an online hate crime hub and £34 million on green projects.

Last year, it was revealed that London’s Metropolitan Police Service is dropping investigations into minor, ‘non-serious’ crimes while a separate report revealed the force was abandoning around one-third of all crime reports after a single phone call without investigation.

While the BBC’s analysis revealed that London remains the most dangerous region for knife attacks, the rate of serious knife crime in other areas is outstripping some London boroughs.

Those listed include Manchester, Slough, Liverpool, and Blackpool. Other non-London regions listed in the top-25 are Nottingham, Birmingham, and Oldham.

The Met, in not pursuing minor crimes, are making a clear statement: they care nothing for our safety. However, they are heavily invested in crimes of expression and online "hate speech."