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276 Arrested at ‘Extinction Rebellion’ in London


Loony eco-warriors blocked bridges and road junctions in central London Monday as part of coordinated civil unrest intended to force the government to agree to a series of demands on dismantling the economy and transforming Western society.

London’s Metropolitan Police announced they had arrested 276 through the course of Monday, the first day of protests in the city which the organisers of the Extinction Rebellion protest group vowed would entail two weeks of disruption.

Officers moved in to clear structures erected on bridges and on major thoroughfares in the city, while protestors chained themselves into parked vehicles blocking roads.

In other places, police seized equipment including stages and loudspeakers meant for speeches before they could be put into use.

Police have been under pressure to react more dynamically to the protests after similar actions shut down London for days in April. Extinction Rebellion have vowed to make this set of demonstrations much larger, insisting that their demands should be met by the government.

Away from Westminster, dozens protested at the world-famous London Smithfield Meat Market, where they agitated against the consumption of meat for food, advocating a wholly plant-based diet instead.

You'd have thought that the weirdos flocking to the ‘Extinction Rebellion’ protests would be more concerned with the fact that China is the World's greatest polluter, but the Chinese, being non-European, are, of course, immune from sneering white, middle-class criticism.