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Hundreds of migrant boats intercepted in the English Channel are stored at warehouse in Dover as 2,800 people cross the channel so far this year


Hundreds of migrants boats intercepted in the English Channel are being stored at a warehouse complex in Dover as the latest figures show that more than 2,800 people have reached the UK this year. 

The boats are stacked three high and in multiple rows and vary from fibreglass rowing boats to high tech large ribs used by unscrupulous gangs who exploit migrants' desire to come to the UK. 

Long after having served their purpose in bringing people across the Channel, the boats, some of which cost thousands of pounds, lay discarded, deflated and damaged.

This year so far 2,800 migrants have reached the UK, with 125 migrant boats in nine boats making it to the British waters on Friday and a record 180 arriving last Sunday. The recent increase in numbers is thought to be down to the clear, calm conditions in the past few weeks.

It comes after it was revealed a desperate migrant stole a pedalo from a French beach and tried to cross The Channel into England on a day when 180 people tried to make the journey.

The most recent crossings follow reports that French authorities have dismantled a migrant camp near Calais, resulting in more than 500 people being moved on.