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Soft Touch England: 409 migrants cross Channel in ONE DAY 


A  record-breaking 409 migrants made it across the Channel on Wednesday with eight dinghies managing to dodge Border Force entirely. 

A total of 30 boats are believed to have made the crossing, the first setting off in the early hours of Wednesday, amid 'absolute mayhem' in the world's busiest shipping lane.

At least eight dinghies dodged Border Force boats to make it to the Kent coast unchecked.

Questions will be raised over how some of the groups of migrants successfully evaded Border Force boats before making it to the shore, and whether any of them then made it further inland without being caught. 

So far this year, at least 5,025 migrants have arrived in small boats - including a single-month record of 1,468 in August.

That figure does not include the 100-odd who made the trip on around 15 boats Tuesday. Official Home Office statistics are yet to be released for those crossings or the ones Wednesday and today.