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New immigration system will see 50,000 extra non-EU workers and families let into the UK each year


Tens of hundreds extra migrants from outdoors the EU will be able to come to Britain in the greatest immigration shake-up for many years.

The Home Office admitted that an extra 50,000 workers and their families may arrive in the UK each year from the remainder of the world.

They will be joined by an additional 25,000 college students, making a complete figure of 75,000.

The Immigration and Social Security Co-ordination Bill, brought back to the Commons this week,will introduce an Australian-style points system from next year. 

A fast-track visa allowing doctors, nurses and health professionals from overseas to work in the NHS was introduced in March.

Migrants will need at least 70 points to work in Britain, with points awarded for speaking English, whether the job earns a salary above £25,600 and if it is at a certain skill level.