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7 in 10 knife robberies go unsolved


While the police are out chasing down people who send "mean" tweets, England is in the midst of a Knife Crime academic. The latest figures are shocking!

  • West Midlands Police data shows the force recorded 1,776 robberies involving a knife or bladed weapon in 2018, but 1,277 cases (71 per cent) ended without charge.
  • Staffordshire Police failed to identify a suspect in 46 per cent of 255 knife robbery offences last year.

According to Senior Police officers “an explosion in violent crime which shows no sign of abating” is spiralling out of control.

Meanwhile, Shadow Home Secretary Diane Abbot said the rise in violent crime was down to Conservative government cuts and not on mass migration. 

In England and Wales 38% of knife possession offenders under 25s were non-white in 2017.  in London It was two thirds.

Even Somali parent are sending their teenage children back to the war-torn East African country to avoid the knife crime epidemic that has struck London and seen 51 murders this year. 

They figures show that in England a total of 15,588 robberies involving a knife or bladed weapon were recorded in 2018, two thirds of which ended with no suspect identified.