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Khan: ‘only criminals want a no-deal Brexit’


The incompetent Mayor of our capital city, London, Sadiq Khan has been widely accused of “scaremongering”, after he has given his opinion that only criminals “want” a no deal Brexit.


 Khan has been a vocal critic of no deal and has described the potential of it as “catastrophic” for the UK. This will not come as a surprise to many.

Mayor Khan’s comments in an interview with Ian Dale of LBC at the Edinburgh Fringe festival may alarm many. When mayor Khan was asked to divulge as to the reasons behind his rejection of a no deal Brexit, he cited security reasons and went on to say So if you’re a criminal, what do you want? You want us to leave without any deal whatsoever”. 

Whilst some would defend Mayor Khan by citing the European Arrest warrant as an advantage of remaining as an EU member, Britain does not enjoy the advantage of the arrest warrant with the USA however an abundance of intelligence is shared between the nations.

Ian Dale, who is a widely respected interviewer and conducted the vast majority of the Conservative leadership hustings, soon interjected and said “That’s scaremongering though isn’t it. You can’t say ‘we won’t have access’ to it.”

These tactics which will likely be labelled an extension of ‘project fear’ by Brexiteers were continued by Mayor Khan when he stated “We’ve got a situation at a time where Christmas is literally going to be eight weeks away, we won’t have access to fresh fruit, fresh veg and fresh produce.”

Mr Khan, who is the current mayor of a city experiencing somewhat of a crime epidemic which only this week saw the stabbing with a machete of a Police officer in Leyton, seems reluctant to offer a positive vision for staying in the EU and it is difficult to see his comments as anything other than a ‘project fear’ extension.

The London Mayoral election cannot come soon enough!