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Abdul Ezedi thought to be DEAD, claim police


Clapham chemical attacker Abdul Ezedi is thought to be dead, the Metropolitan Police has said.

The 35-year-old injured a mother and two daughters in a horrific corrosive substance attack in Clapham last month, with police locked in a thorough search for the attacker since January 31.

Now Scotland Yard said their “main working hypothesis” was that the man had gone into the water as the search for Ezedi continued into its tenth day.

The latest available imagery shows the attacker pausing halfway across Chelsea Bridge, just north of where he had been seen in new footage, and he can be seen to “lean over the railings” – after that, Ezedi is no longer visible.

In a briefing at Scotland Yard, Detective Superintendent Rick Sewart said: “We’ve tracked Ezedi’s movements from the Tower Hill area where he alighted the underground and he’s walked over four miles to the location of Chelsea Bridge.

“He’s walked with purpose, but has essentially hugged the Thames River line.

“When he has got to the area of Chelsea Bridge, his behaviour visibly appears to change in so much as he walked up and down the bridge – he pauses in the midpoint of the bridge, halfway down the bridge.

“Then he walked to and from the side of the bridge and can be seen to sort of lean over the railings before there is a loss of sight.”

The footage is consistent with the man jumping into the water, but police said they could not definitively confirm this.

Despite confirming there was no sighting of him actually coming off the bridge, police said that he “may not resurface” if he had ended up in the river.

They said they were “working with our experts in the marine units” who are experts in “people ending up in the Thames”.

Police released a timeline of events which tracked Ezedi's whereabouts up to 11.30 pm on the night of the attack, and had “meticulously” followed his movements – including a raid on addresses linked with the man in Newcastle.

The Met said they were working with TfL to look at CCTV evidence, including buses which may have gone past his known locations.