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Masks! What are they good for?


A study from the University of Louisville, in the US, one that initially believed that masks did help, looked at CDC data found — and discovered that masks were useless when it came to stopping COVID's spread:

"Randomized control trials have not clearly demonstrated mask efficacy against respiratory viruses, and observational studies conflict on whether mask use predicts lower infection rates. We hypothesized that statewide mask mandates and mask use are associated with lower COVID-19 case growth rates in the United States.

"Methods: We calculated total COVID-19 case growth and mask use for the continental United States with data from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and Institute for Health Metrics and Evaluation. We estimated post-mask mandate case growth in non-mandate states using median issuance dates of neighboring states with mandates.

"Results: Case growth was not significantly different between mandate and non-mandate states at low or high transmission rates, and surges were equivocal. Mask use predicted lower case growth at low, but not high transmission rates. Growth rates were comparable between states in the first and last mask use quintiles adjusted for normalized total cases early in the pandemic and unadjusted after peak Fall-Winter infections. Mask use did not predict Summer 2020 case growth for non-Northeast states or Fall-Winter 2020 growth for all continental states.

"Conclusions: Mask mandates and use are not associated with slower state-level COVID-19 spread during COVID-19 growth surges. Containment requires future research and implementation of existing efficacious strategies."

Perhaps if everyone had first disinfected his hands and then placed high-end, single-use N95 masks snugly over his face, the data might have been different. What really happened was that people lost a year of seeing each other's faces. In addition, they suffered from low oxygen intake, they developed rashes, they damaged their dental health, and they wasted a lot of money on foolish face coverings.

The worst thing that happened was to children. Babies need to see human faces to develop. Little children were inhibited from playing and leading normal lives. Empathy dies a little when you cannot see someone's face. (Burqas are a very effective part of dehumanizing women in the Islamic world.)

But the mask Nazis were inflexible. In New Jersey, a school nurse was suspended when she rightly called the mask mandate “child abuse.” If you doubt her, pay attention to her experience:

"I had a kid come down to me. She was wearing a mask. She was crying. She had vomited in class…I pulled her mask off. It was full of vomit. Her mask was full of vomit."

Child abuse, indeed.

We've read about the leftists who refuse to lose the masks, whether because they're willing victims of Stockholm syndrome or because they're making political statements. Think of those masks as the equivalent of the rattle on a snake. These are people you should avoid. Everyone else should ditch those face diapers. Perhaps they can be used as hammocks for hamster cages and dolls' houses.