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Advert Deemed Sexist by PC Orwellians


The snowflakes are at it again. This time the wicked, evil, breachers of PC orthodoxy are: women in high heels, or to be more specific, a car advertisement featuring a woman in high heels.

A ‘sexist’ ad in a British car magazine has been banned for “objectifying women.” The ad featured no nudity and was banned after a single complaint from a disgruntled reader. PC gone mad?

The ad for Strasse, a Porsche garage in Leeds, ran in the February edition of 911 and Porsche World Magazine. Captioned “Attractive Servicing,” it featured a female mechanic clad in a figure-hugging black skirt and tights, partially hidden under a car and surrounded by tools.

The ad received a solitary complaint, prompting the Advertising Standards Authority to investigate. On Wednesday, the regulator announced it would ban the ad.

Strasse had tried to appeal the complaint, arguing that the power tools in the picture “empowered” the woman, and that the garage’s rates were the truly “attractive” offering.

The ASA had none of it, ruling that the double entendre “was likely to be viewed as demeaning towards women.”

“We concluded the ad was not sexually explicit, but by using a suggestive image that bore no relevance to the advertised product, the ad objectified women and was likely to cause serious offence to some people,” the ASA said.

According to the PC censors, the mere depiction of a woman in an advert is grounds to label someone sexist. Like the Formula1 grid girls, attractive women in advertisements will become a thing of the past if these Orwellians do-gooders get their way!