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Government Paying Albanian Prisoners to be Deported


The UK government is now paying Albanian prisoners to comply with deportations, a report on Wednesday has claimed.

A significant number of Albanian prisoners are being paid by the UK government to agree to be deported, a report by the BBC has claimed.

According to the report, the government is now releasing Albanian criminals from prison early and paying them four-figure sums of money in exchange for them vowing to not challenge deportation orders made against them.

One migrant the outlet spoke to who was arrested on drugs charges is said to have been released from prison one year before his minimum term was up, before being paid by state authorities to be sent home.

However, while such a method of bribing migrants into leaving the country does appear to be resulting in successful deportations, how successful the method will be long-term remains in doubt, with some migrants telling the BBC that they intend to return to the UK after being deported.