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London Ambulance Service loses HUNDREDS of iPads given to staff


The London ambulance service has lost hundreds of iPads purchased for staff.

The service wrote off almost as many iPads as it purchased for staff in 2022/23.

Data shows that, since 2020 the LAS has spent a total of £3,315,475 was spent on 6,857 iPads.

This is an average of £483 per iPad, despite recent models of the iPad being available for under £350 at places like Currys and Amazon.

It is not known how many iPads were lost 2020/21, but in 2021/22, 70 iPads were lost in just a three month period.

The London ambulance service bought 5,000 more iPads for its staff October 2021, saying: "London Ambulance Service clinicians will benefit from nearly 5,000 eighth generation iPads as part of our commitment towards ensuring our clinicians have access to the latest technology to aid patient care."

In a statement, it added: "The rollout of electronic devices across our Service has helped our frontline crews feel better supported when making quick decisions for their patients, with information available at their fingertips: meaning each patient is getting the correct and most appropriate care.

"The iPads allow our ambulance crews to improve coordination with emergency departments so our partners in hospital can be better informed before patients arrive.

"The devices also offer access to clinical information to help our crews assess and determine the best treatment plan for their patients, which may include referral to another, more appropriate part of the NHS."