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Anne Robinson hits out at 'men in women's changing rooms'


Departing Countdown host Anne Robinson has waded into the debate on trans rights, stating: "A woman is someone with a vagina."

The 77-year-old is stepping down from the popular daytime tv show after one year in the hot seat.

Former Weakest Link star Robinson, 77, joined the Channel 4 quiz show last year, becoming its sixth presenter and the first female to take the role.

And she has strong opinions on protecting women's safety.

On people disagreeing with her point of view, she added: “As they are entitled to. But I am just horrified that we can’t have a debate about this. That’s what really troubles me. I’m horrified by the lack of safety in women’s changing rooms, in swimming pools and that sort of thing."

She also told the Telegraph: “I think the most interesting statistic is that the amount of trans [people] who actually surgically get altered is minuscule. So you are talking about men in women’s changing rooms.”