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Covid1(84): Huge anti-mask protests across Europe


Berlin police tried breaking up an anti-lockdown protest because of attendees failing to wear face masks and socially distance as more than 18,000 marched upon the German capital.

The demonstrators, who were calling for an end to coronavirus restrictions, flooded into the square in front of Brandenburg gate before marching down a main street.

They were joined by more than 35,000 protestors in London, along with numerous anti-maskers in Paris too.

Berlin had banned the demonstration earlier in the week, but a German regional court overruled the decision.

As many as 3,000 police officers were deployed to disperse the protesters after they failed to wear masks and maintain social distancing, in breach of guidelines.

'Unfortunately, we have no other option', Berlin police said on Twitter, adding that they had failed to comply with the safety conditions of the march.

In London, demonstrators gathered in Trafalgar Square calling coronavirus a hoax and demanding an end to lockdown restrictions.

Many carried banners saying 'Fake News', or 'Masks are Muzzles' and rejecting any mandatory vaccination programmes.