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Anti-social behaviour at Holiday Inn housing asylum seekers


Angry residents have hit out at late-night music and raucous football tournaments at a Holiday Inn Express that is housing 130 asylum seekers.

They say there has been 'really loud music all night long' at the site in Rotherham, South Yorkshire, after refugee families were relocated and young men were housed at the hotel instead.

Footage has emerged of people partying in a car park and having all-night five-a-side football tournaments. 

One local, who lives by the hotel, called for a curfew as he said his children cannot sleep as a result of the noise. 

He said: 'They are just bored so they sleep in the day and come out at night to play football with a music box blaring out.

'We live by the hotel and we are struggling to sleep at night. They are playing football on the car park pretty much every night.

'We cannot get the kids to sleep. It has been going on 12 months and the problems are just getting worse and worse.

'The noise goes on from 9pm to the early hours. Most of the houses on the street have young families so we are all in the same boat.

'It needs some kind of curfew. People have complained to the hotel and nothing has been done.

'They are all young blokes in their early to mid 20s. Sometimes there are 20 to 30 around the car park.

'We cannot get to sleep and when it is not playing we are anxious waiting for it to start and it is affecting the kids.'

Another local said: 'They are playing football all night long but that's the least of it.

'It is they're playing really loud music while playing.

'It echoes all down the street and around the estate until one or two in the morning.

'It is such a residential area around the hotel.'

Earlier this year, 130 asylum seekers were moved from the Ibis in Bramley to the Holiday Inn hotel in Manvers.