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EU Tyranny: Anyone burning EU flag faces PRISON in Germany


Persons who set fire to the European Union flag in Germany will face a prison sentence or fine after the Bundestag expanded existing laws.

German MPs voted for a bill by the Federal Council introducing an additional passage into the criminal code which means defaming the EU flag and anthem will be punishable. Until now, fines or imprisonment could only be imposed if state symbols of the Federal Republic of Germany were disfigured or abused.

Violations of the new regulation can - in line with the existing prohibitions - be punished with a custodial sentence of up to three years or a fine.

The regulation also includes destroying, damaging or defacing the EU flag and attempts to do so.

Federal Justice Minister Christine Lambrecht (SPD) said: "The burning of flags in public has nothing to do with peaceful protest.

"It stirs up hate, anger and aggression and hurts the feelings of many people."