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Arsenal Women's 'all white' squad sparks controversy


The Gunners took to X/Twitter on Friday to share their squad snap for the 2023/24 season, with the Women's Super League commencing earlier this month - and it doesn't seem to contain a single player of colour, which has caused outrage amongst the lefties!

In the Premier League, 33 per cent of players are from black, asian and other minority backgrounds.

In the WSL, however, a study from the BBC last year estimated the figure was nearer the 10-15 per cent mark instead.

And some football fans have fumed on X over the photo that shows manager Jonas Eidevall with his squad.

"We don't have a single black woman player. That's frightening," one user said.

Another fan fumed: "Nah I'm back lol. You mean to tell me Arsenal's stakeholders and the execs see this and think this okay?

"The head coaches think this is okay? The PLAYERS look at each other and think this is okay? ALL WHITE?

A third fan raged: "Lovely picture and that but god it's so concerning that one of the biggest clubs in the world doesn't have a single poc in the squad."

Another supporter vented their fury by saying: "No professional team, mens or womens, should be able to have a team the comprises of all white players in 2023."

"Also we are getting cooked for our lack of diversity and rightly so," stated a fifth.

"But really, how a club of Arsenal's magnitude doesn't have a single poc is quite shocking. Arsenal must do better," opined another user on the platform.

And a seventh said: "Honestly so difficult to root for a team of ONLY white players. Zero representation."

Arsenal have played Liverpool and Manchester United in the WSL so far.

And they've picked up just one point from their opening two league fixtures.

They lost 1-0 to Liverpool in their opening match, with Miri Taylor netting the only goal of the game.

Arsenal then proceeded to draw 2-2 with Manchester United, with Cloe Lacasse scoring a dramatic late equaliser.