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Shop worker who sexually assaulted girl in school uniform is JAILED


Ahmed Khalio, a shop worker, who sexually assaulted a girl wearing her school uniform on her 16th birthday has been jailed for six months.

Ahmed Khalio, 22, a married man with an 11-month-old son, groped the teenager and pinned her against a counter inside the convenience store where he worked, but later claimed he had only been 'messing around'. 

The girl stopped in the Go Local store on Scargreen Avenue in Norris Green, Liverpool, on her way home from school on the day of the attack early last year. 

Khalio, who was employed as a part-time shop assistant, was stacking shelves when she entered, Liverpool Crown Court heard on Tuesday.

He then followed her as she approached the till and touched her on her bottom.

He walked away to the front door before returning to her, pressing his body against hers from behind and sandwiching her against the counter. 

Khalio asked her 'if she loved him' as well as how old she was, telling her 'not to tell anyone what happened'.

He then lifted up her skirt and began touching her legs and thighs before continuing his assault by touching her over her underwear. 

The incident lasted a 'couple of minutes' and only stopped when another customer entered causing him to 'jump away quickly' and allowing her to escape.

She was left 'scared and in shock' and reported the attack to police that evening after telling a friend about what had happened to her. 

The teen recalled 'telling him to get off her' but Khalio continued regardless, while she also stated she had been 'so scared she felt she couldn't scream or shout'.

Under interview, the sex offender 'accepted flirting' with the girl, whom he thought was aged 17. 

He also 'denied putting his hand up her skirt or touching her private area' and said he had 'just been messing around'.

Khalio was jailed for six months, as well as being handed a seven-year notification requirement and a restraining order preventing him from contacting the victim for the next two years.