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Two asylum seekers go AWOL every week from one UK migrant camp


Two migrants are escaping the UK's first migrant camp at an army barracks in Kent every week, it has been revealed. 

Napier Barracks in Folkestone, Kent was turned into an 'assessment and dispersal facility' for migrants, with 400 arriving in September at the height of the migrant crisis, which has seen thousands cross the Channel and arrive in Britain this year.  

September saw the most arrivals in the UK - with nearly 2000 migrants landing, more than all of 2019. 

Now, it has been revealed that eight arrivals were recorded as absent from the camp between September 22 and October 20. 

A Home Office spokesperson said 'We hand details of anyone who absconds to the police and our specialist tracing team, who do everything they can to track these individuals down and, once found, their claim may be rejected.'