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Authorities Intercept 375 Illegals Crossing Channel in One Day


French and British border authorities intercepted 375 illegal aliens in 16 boats attempting to cross the English Channel from France to England over Tuesday night to Wednesday, the highest number of daily attempts this year.

Authorities in France managed to stop seven boats containing a combined 166 migrants trying to make the illegal journey.

UK Border Force, meanwhile, picked up 209 migrants on nine boats that had passed into British waters, making Wednesday a record for the highest number of illegals brought ashore in one day this year.

Wednesday’s 209 illegals brought ashore pushes this year’s total to over 2,000, nearly three times as many as had arrived in this same period last year.

2020 was a record year for illegal boat migration, with 8,420 aliens making it to England, more than four times the year before. Analysis conducted at the beginning of the month projected that 2021 could be another record year, with 20,000 illegals predicted to cross the English Channel, with other reports suggesting as many as 25,000.