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Baby P's killer mother will be denied a new identity upon prison release


They should have thrown away the key when they put her into prison the first time, but at least Baby P's mother has been denied new identity at the expense of the taxpayers in preparation of her release in a few weeks time.

Tracey Connelly, who is now 40 and weighs more than 20stone, will be free within weeks after a judge refused Dominic Raab's attempt to block her release. 

Connelly was jailed for a minimum of five years in 2009, for causing or allowing the death of her tortured 17-month-old son Peter in a horrific case that shocked the nation.

The only bit of 'good news' about her release is that she has been denied a new identity when she is released from jail - and will have to 'lose weight and dye her hair' to change her appearance.

Connelly has also been told she won't have police protection, even though she is worried about being targeted by vigilantes.

Connelly was released in 2013 but was recalled to prison in 2015 for selling naked photos of herself and breaching her licence conditions by 'developing intimate personal relationships' online.

In March, the Parole Board announced she had been cleared for release due to a low risk of reoffending. But within hours Mr Raab vowed to block the move, describing the notorious case as 'harrowing'.

The evil mother will be subject to 20 licence conditions, including having to wear an electronic tag and disclose all her relationships. She will also have her Internet use monitored and be forced to obey a curfew. 

Known publicly as Baby P, Peter had suffered more than 50 injuries despite being on the at-risk register and receiving 60 visits from social workers, police officers and health professionals over eight months.

Connelly's lover Steven Barker was jailed in 2009 for a minimum of 32 years for torturing the 17-month-old to death while his brother, Jason Owen, received a six year jail sentence for allowing the toddler to die.