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Deported Migrant: 'I'll be back and back and back'


A migrant who has entered the UK illegally on multiple occasions has vowed to return to Britain after a court ordered him to be deported again.

Christopher David, 45, illegally crossed into the UK at least four times since his first arrival in 2002.

"David" is reported to have used a number of aliases in a bid to enter the country and has 41 convictions in the UK.

His offences include dangerous driving, possession of crack cocaine and shoplifting.

Bolton Crown Court heard that David had been “various aliases over the last 20 years” and was last deported from the UK in July.

During his arrest last month at his home in Bolton, Greater Manchester, where his family live legally, David told the authorities: “This is your Government wasting money.

“I’ll be back, back and forth, back and forth.”

After being deported in July, David made a quick return to the UK, arriving back in September after changing his name to Kristian David.

Doing so allowed David to obtain new travel documents.

David is to be jailed for 16 months at a prison in Birmingham after admitting that he entered the UK in breach of a deportation order and avoided enforcement action by deceptive means.

At David’s sentencing, Judge Timothy Clayson said: “This is a person who has quite simply decided that come what may he will flout the relevant immigration official’s decisions as he has said he would continue to do in the future.

“There is no remorse.”

Judge Clayton continued: “There is a clear and substantial public interest in the expulsion from this country of foreign nationals whose presence in this country is not conducive for the public good and seek to be here in breach of immigration decisions.”