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Bang on the Money!


Another day, another set of headlines about the Channel migrant crisis. It often seems that the biggest ‘people smugglers’ of the lot are the UK Border Force and the Royal Navy.

Millions of normal folk like us watch aghast as – despite the constantly repeated Tory promises to ‘take back control’ and to get tough on immigration – the piecemeal invasion continues apace. To add insult to injury, it’s all funded with our taxes, and aided and abetted by faceless bureaucrats whose salaries we pay.

Rising popular anger over the cross-Channel migrant tide makes the current issue of our English Patriot newspaper the PERFECT tool for winning over new members and supporters. We really are bang on the money in terms of catching the public mood.

Right now we have the perfect opportunity to make the English Democrats THE party of the popular rejection of the elite’s great immigration betrayal. The chance to make ourselves the political expression of the huge and growing wave of anger against a Tory government that promises one thing and then always does exactly the opposite.

But we need to get this very timely issue into people’s hands right NOW. Will you help me seize the moment? Please order your supply right now – HERE – and let’s get busy!