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Channel migrants to be barred from using human rights laws to avoid deportation


Channel migrants will be barred from using human rights laws to avoid removal from Britain under measures to be unveiled by Suella Braverman.


Tough powers will be contained in the Home Secretary’s landmark immigration Bill due to be published early next week.

will severely restrict the way claims under the Human Rights Act can be used by asylum seekers arriving by ‘irregular routes’ such as across the Channel, the Daily Mail understands.

In some cases, they will be allowed to lodge appeals only once they have been removed from this country.

The Bill is also expected to strengthen measures that allow asylum applications to be declared ‘inadmissible’.

The legislation, provisionally titled the Illegal Migration Bill, will make it easier for the Home Office to reject claims by small boat migrants.

Current Home Office rules say an asylum claim can be declared inadmissible ‘if the claimant was previously present in or had another connection to a safe third country... provided there is a reasonable prospect of removing them in a reasonable time to a safe third country’.

The guidance also sets out a number of complex stages that Home Office caseworkers must go through to declare a case inadmissible and gives a six-month timescale.

Claims are reviewed by two separate units within the Home Office – the National Asylum Allocation Unit and the Third Country Unit.

It is this system that is likely to be streamlined under the new legislation.