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Based Amy jailed for ‘harassment’ of Anna Soubry


Amy Dalla Mura, known online as ‘Based Amy’ has been jailed for 28 days after being found guilty of harassing the former Conservative MP Anna Soubry.

Ms Dalla Mura branded Ms Soubry a “traitor” during a confrontation in the central lobby of Parliament during a BBC Newsnight broadcast, she insisted her actions were nothing more than legitimate political debate.

Sentencing, Chief Magistrate Emma Arbuthnot said the murder of Jo Cox had left MPs “vulnerable” and afraid that they may be targeted, and said Dalla Mura’s decision to stand for election in Broxtowe showed her determination to pursue Ms Soubry.

Dalla Mura, from Hove, denied harassment but was found guilty after a trial. After the sentence was passed, Dalla Mura shouted: “free speech is dead”.

Amy Dalla Mura is now banned under a three-year restraining order from contacting Ms Soubry, but can go to Parliament. She will be under probation supervision for the next year once released from prison.

Ms Dalla Mura was barred from visiting Broxtowe, during the election campaign, all but destroying her campaign for a Commons seat.