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Woke Alert: Vegan hosts BBC fishing show!


The BBC has come under fire again as it has been accused by viewers of turning increasingly "woke".

Backlash for the broadcaster comes after comedian Lee Mack had to step in to help host the latest instalment of Mortimer & Whitehouse: Gone Fishing.

During the episode, Bob Mortimer appeared via video call to tell friend Paul Whitehouse he wouldn’t be able to film as he’d come down with shingles.

Lining up Lee Mack to accompany Paul, it was clear the comedian had some reservations about fishing.

He told Paul: "This is the thing, this is what I was worried about doing when Bob asked me to come. I don't fish.

"And when I say I don't fish, I don't mean I can't fish, 'Teach me, grasshopper,' I don't mean that. I mean I won't fish because I'm a vegan."

As Paul questioned whether or not Bob knew this before getting him to fill in, Lee confessed he was aware he was a vegan but thought it would annoy his co-star.

Taking to Twitter, one user said: “Gone Fishing totally gone woke no surprise really from the BBC, it’s slowly been happening over the last 2 series. Why have a vegan who won’t fish on a ‘fishing’ programme? Lee Mack is the least funniest person in the world. Bring back Bob.”