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Report shows BBC's TV shows are infused with a Left-wing bias


The BBC risks 'warping modern Britain' by allowing its TV dramas to be blighted by politically correct bias in their stories, a report has said.

A review by the Campaign for Common Sense found that the BBC's programmes portrayed a version of Britain unrecognisable to most viewers.

The corporation's dramas regularly include critiques of capitalism, Brexit, the police and the Government – with some described by the report as being close to propaganda.

The BBC was also accused of social engineering by over-representing minorities in its programmes. 

It comes just after another report said the broadcaster was 'rewriting history to promote a woke agenda'. 

One show criticised in the new report was Vigil, a 2021 drama set on a nuclear submarine infiltrated by a Russian spy.

The programme depicts the government and security services covering up serious incidents. 

An SNP councillor and anti-nuclear campaigner, Feargal Dalton, worked as a senior script consultant on the show.

Meanwhile, EastEnders portrayed a character equating Brexit and coronavirus.

Leitita Dean's character Sharon Watts throws water in another character's face, saying: 'We've had Brexit and Covid, we don't need you here.'

In drama The Responder, which stars Martin Freeman, almost half of the police characters are black or Asian, despite Merseyside Police having 0.5 per cent black officers and 0.4 per cent Asian officers. 

The CCS report also criticised programmes including Sherwood, Industry and The Capture.