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BBC wasted £26.6m of licence fee money making 310 staff redundant


Hundreds of BBC employees have received redundancy pay outs of up to £150,000 in an egregious waste of licence fee money.

Over the last eight months £26.6 million has been spent by the broadcaster making 310 employees redundant.

An average of £100,661 each was given to 221 staff who took voluntary redundancy, whilst a further 93 were handed an average of £46,773 in a non-voluntary redundancy payment.

The millions spent on the severance payments in the period from April to November this year is equivalent to 168,000 TV licences. 

On November 4 the government introduced a cap on redundancy payouts for public sector workers of £95,000, this was after most of the BBC's latest redundancies.

John O'Connell, of the Taxpayers' Alliance pressure group, said: 'The BBC claims it can't pay for TV licences for over-75s, yet is able to find tens of millions of pounds for golden goodbyes.'