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Ben & Jerry’s Back Illegal Channel Migrants


Unilever-owned Ben & Jerry’s received substantial backlash for a Twitter screed backing illegal immigration amid Britain’s ongoing boat migrant crisis.

With Home Secretary Priti Patel claiming she is working on a plan to tackle the crisis, however, Unilever-owned ice-cream hawkers Ben & Jerry’s took it upon themselves to weigh in on the public debate, tweeting directly at the Tory politician to tell her that “the real crisis is our lack of humanity for people fleeing war, climate change and torture”.

Skipping over the question of how migrants in France can be said to be fleeing war or torture — or indeed climate change, which if a problem at all is presumably no less of an issue in Britain than it is in France — Ben & Jerry’s followed up by claiming that “People wouldn’t make dangerous journeys if they had any other choice.”

Why migrants in France — a safe, first world EU member-state — could not choose to claim asylum in France, or any of the other safe countries most will have passed through on their way there, was not elaborated on, with Ben & Jerry’s simply insisting on “more safe and legal routes” into Britain.

The brand account went on to make the tendentious claims that “People cannot be illegal” and that “‘Stronger’ borders aren’t the answer and only puts more lives at risk”.