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Bercow admits Stopping Clean-Break Brexit


Former Speaker of the House of Commons John Bercow has admitted that he had a “handmaiden role” in helping to stop a clean-break Brexit.

Speaking to Italian newspaper La Repubblica, Mr Bercow denied that he had “stopped” No Deal, but confirmed: “I facilitated colleagues who wanted legally to stop the No Deal Brexit.”

He added: “I think I had a handmaiden role if I can put it that way. But did I do the deed? I didn’t do the deed. I facilitated those who wanted to do the deed.”

Brexiteers had accused Mr Bercow of bias in the latter years of his decade-long tenure as Speaker after making questionable decisions that appeared to favour the plight of Remainer MPs trying to stop Brexit. In January, he was accused of ignoring parliamentary protocol by allowing MPs a vote on blocking No Deal in a manner reportedly contrary to the advice of Commons clerks.

Breaking the appearance of impartiality in 2017, he admitted he had voted Remain in the June 2016 referendum. Earlier this month, he then dropped any pretence of neutrality entirely and said — shortly after vacating his role — he thought the vote to leave the EU was “the biggest foreign policy mistake in the post-war period”.

The former speaker reiterated that assessment during his interview with Italian media, and added that the UK leaving the EU is not a certainty, saying: “No, I don’t think it’s inevitable.”

Conceding that he thinks Brexit “probably will happen” he, however, said: “Is it possible there could be another referendum? Yes, it is possible. It may not look that likely at the moment… if you ask me what I think about that, I think there is a compelling case for the public to be asked to give their final verdict.”

“I don’t see how having more democracy can be undemocratic,” he added.

An out and out traitor - just like Treason May - and the conservatives still want to be re-elected?