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Quarter of councils pushing schools to teach biased race theories


One in four councils is promoting ‘highly contentious’ race theories in schools, a major report warns this week.

Town halls are using controversial terms including ‘white privilege’ and ‘unconscious bias’ in teacher training materials, research has found.

One of the packages claims that children as young as three understand differences between people’s backgrounds and tells staff: ‘You can never start talking about race and racism too early.’

Another suggests using a diagram called the ‘white supremacy pyramid’ to teach pupils how bigotry can fuel everything from belittling jokes to mass murder.

Researchers wrote to 171 local authorities in England and Wales asking for copies of anti-racism literature from teacher training materials and school curriculums.

Of those that responded to the Freedom of Information requests, the report classified 18 councils as ‘biased’ (23 per cent), 26 ‘at risk’ (33.3 per cent) and the remaining 34 ‘unbiased’ (43.5 per cent).

The majority of those deemed biased were Labour-controlled.

Portsmouth was branded ‘extremely biased’, with teachers told: ‘Children as young as three recognise race and racial differences.’