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Blair: Second EU Referendum Likely


Iraq War architect and europhile Tony Blair said that the United Kingdom needs a second referendum and to vote to cancel Brexit, keeping the country in the EU.


In an interview with Sky News’s Adam Boulton, former Prime Minister Tony Blair reacted to the Brexit Party’s sudden surge from being founded as a new force to coming first in a national election in just 45 days by dismissing the concerns of their voters.

Dismissing any attempt at a Brexit compromise, the globalist politician — who has previously called for the referendum to be re-run because voters failed to reach the right conclusion the first time around — said:

…compromise just doesn’t work because those people who voted for Nigel Farage and voted for Brexit want out of that trading system, that is integral to their case… if you are a Labour party politician and you’re worried you’re haemorrhaging votes to the Brexit party because you’ve not been clear about Brexit, and you’ve come out with a soft Brexit which the Brexiteers say is a betrayal you’re going to be no better off.

In fact, you’ll be worse off because you’ve alienated the people who want to remain from the Labour Party, but you won’t have given those people in traditional working class Labour seats who voted Brexit any reason to come back to Labour… there isn’t a Brexit compromise. There are two ways to resolve this, a sensible way and a not sensible way.

Blair went on to say the media narrative that Farage's Brexit party coming first in the election implied any sort of overwhelming desire by the British people to see the 2016 referendum respected because if you added the votes of other smaller parties together, the Brexit party no longer came first. 

“what these results tell you is this country is profoundly divided,” Blair said.

Well, he is right there. A country normally fractures when the losing side of a vote and the establishment fail to carry out the will of the people. Smart man, that Tony Blair!