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BLM activist who twice tried to torch Union Flag on Cenotaph is let off with conditional discharge


A photography student who tried to torch a Union Jack on the Cenotaph during a Black Lives Matter protest has walked free from court.

Astrophel Sang, 19, was filmed using a lighter to try and set the flag on fire during the BLM protests on Whitehall in London before being coaxed down by police and arrested. 

Sang twice tried to torch the flag after climbing the war memorial on June 7. 

The activist from Birmingham admitted attempted arson at Southwark Crown Court over the incident on June 7 - and was given a two-year conditional discharge and told to pay £340 in costs. 

Shanice Mahmud, prosecuting, said: 'Demonstrators were showing aggressive behaviour towards police and, as they reached the long side of the Cenotaph, missiles and bottles were being thrown at them.

'The defendant was at the front of the group, and he was being hostile and aggressive. They could see he was aggressive, confrontational, and was swinging his arms. 

'The defendant had to be held back several times. Mr Sang decided to climb on top of the Cenotaph amongst the flags.

'There were protesters encouraging him to stop what he was doing. He was hanging on the flags. At this stage Mr Sang had a lighter in his hand.'

The student had claimed that he 'didn't know' the significance of the Cenotaph.