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Almost 5,000 excess deaths last winter caused by cold and damp homes

Cold and damp homes caused nearly 5,000 excess deaths last winter, according to a campaign group.

Ryanair chief wants pensioners who voted for Brexit 'to die'

Ryanair boss Michael O’Leary has slammed pensioners who voted for Brexit as he suggests it will be "a good thing" when they "die".

Hadrian's Wall dubbed a gay icon by English Heritage

English Heritage has been mocked by academics for saying Hadrian's Wall is a symbol of England's queer history.

Electric Jaguar rammed by police after brakes fail at 90mph

An electric car owner has told of his fears that his vehicle would “kill an innocent person” after he lost the ability to apply the brakes on his EV.

Nathan Owen said his £80,000 2019 Jaguar I-Pace “went rogue” on the M62 after overtaking another vehicle on the motorway.

The North Face goes woke, bribing customers

Fans of outdoor clothing brand The North Face can get a voucher for more than 20% off at the retailer - but only if they can pass a woke 'racial inclusion' course.

Covid inquiry: ‘No basis’ for stopping pubs selling alcohol

On today's episode of things that what won't be news to most of us...There was “no basis” for stopping pubs selling alcohol during the pandemic, according to the Covid inquiry.

Newcastle grooming gang passed schoolgirl around like a toy

A grooming gang who took part in a Black Lives Matter protest while on bail used a schoolgirl 'as a toy' in a horrific rape and abuse ordeal lasting nine months.

Church of England Posts Job for Anti-Racist Officer to ‘Deconstruct Whiteness’

This week, the Church of England Dioceses in the West Midlands announced that it is looking for an “anti-racism practice officer” who will be paid £36,000 per year.

FA want to canel girls' football league for refusing male player

One of the biggest girls' football leagues in the country faces being shut down by the Football Association for refusing to allow a boy to play in its matches.