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9 million in UK skip meals to get by

A Christian anti-debt charity has highlighted the millions of UK households struggling financially as a result of the cost-of-living crisis, as Rishi Sunak declares UK inflation is back to "normal."

Mass Migration Responsible for 30 Per Cent of Rent Spike

Between mid-2021 and the end of 2023, rent rose in Britain by an average of 30 per cent, of which migration contributed 11 per cent, according to a breakdown from the Capital Economics research firm. Putting the rise into context, during the entire ten years before the plandemic, rent only rose by 26 per cent.

Courtrooms Look to Ban Wigs for Being ‘Culturally Insensitive’

Courts in England are reportedly looking to scrap the requirement for barristers to wear traditional wigs amid claims that they discriminate against lawyers with “Afro-Caribbean hair”.

Majority of Public Believes Migration Leads to More Crime

The majority of the British public thinks that migration is correlated with a rise in crime while just three per cent believe that it results in a reduction of crime, a survey found.

​Memorial silhouettes of fallen Dambusters revealed

A heroic aircrew who were killed during the Second World War have been honoured at a memorial site in the Netherlands.

Plans to ban sex education for under 9's don't go far enough

A Christian family trust has welcomed new government guidelines for relationships, sex and health education (RSHE), but argues they need to be tighter.

More migrants brought ashore by Border Force

Monday: Dozens more migrants have been brought ashore by Border Force as illegal crossings carry on for the tenth consecutive day.

Migrants Make Up Nearly Six in Ten Violent Crime Suspects in Germany

Nearly six in ten suspects in violent crime cases in Germany were committed by foreign migrants, according to federal police crime statistics released last week.

Pakistani arrested over 'rape of 16-year-old British girl in Crete'

Greek police have arrested a Pakistani man who allegedly raped a 16-year-old British teenager in the toilets of a bar in Crete just yards away from her unsuspecting parents earlier this week.